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AC Unit Problems That Can Be Prevented


It's tough to get a surprise expense in the middle of the year when your air-conditioning unit starts to falter. It's given that mechanical systems would be in need of repair services at one time or another, these can be prevented. When it comes to air conditioning, these are the most common problems that homeowners face and how they can be avoided.



Your AC has a 1" disposable filter which has to be replaced every month. It's easy forget it since you cannot see it. A usual problem for AC units is that it suddenly stops to cool and this is caused by restricted airflow due to a dirty filter. A dirty filter makes the room uncomfortable with dirty air surrounding it and it may lead to frozen indoor coils which can mean more serious repair.



The AC system from should be a sealed system and it should not leak refrigerants. When this happens, a number of bad things may happen such as decreased efficiency of the AC and electricity use increases. It may not cool and the coil may freeze. It could damage the compressor. Refrigerants are also harmful greenhouse gases.



The evaporator coil that's found inside your home has to be cleaned; if not, the dust and dirt buildup can restrict the heat transfer capabilities of the coil and reduce the airflow. This can also increase the operating costs and can make the environment uncomfortable.



When the AC unit is not cooling, it might also be that the breaker is tripped. It has to be turned on again. If it doesn't work still, it might be that something is causing the breaker to trip. It might also be because of a loose wire, a bad breaker, or a bad capacitor. If this isn't resolved it could lead to more serious concerns.Visit this website at and find out more about AC.



The condenser unit of the AC system is often outside the home. When this coil is dirty or restricted, this can be inefficient, may increase the use of electricity, and reduce the cooling capability of the AC system. 



There are also AC units that require switching the thermostat from heating mode to cooling mode. When the thermostat isn't in the right position or if it breaks, it ceases to function. High quality thermostats rarely fail in their function.



Duct leaks are also another cause of AC unit problems. You can waste a large amount of electricity with inefficient duct work, click here to get started!